Friday, October 26, 2012


I'm not the type to just have sex to have it...However, if I can't make a sexual connection with someone then there's no point in trying to have a relationship..I'm vocal during sex about my wants & needs...likes & dislikes.. Sex isn't everything, but it is important... & with GOOD SEX comes FEELINGS...

Now I find myself in a situation where I've gotten comfortable... COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE.. More comfortable than I've ever been with a Man...

The Physical Attraction was first!
Our sexual chemistry is AMAZING in every way... Slow, Fast, Hard, Soft, Sensual, Dirty...

His Intellect kept my attention!
Passion for knowledge, never settling for "good enough"... his Goals in reach...

Lack of Quality Time made me hesitant... You going one way & I was headed the other...

Ego's set aside & Pride swallowed...
Understanding is crucial!
& Communication is Key!

Conversations are limitless... From Life Issues to Pointless Jokes.....even when we're sitting in silence so much is being said.

Loyalty is what hooked me!
Not "Loyalty".. but Loyalty..
When we're together it's just US!
I don't have to worry about a thing.
No Drama!! No Disappointments!! No doubts!! No fears!!

My TRUST, he Earned!!! I know that anything I ask him, he'll answer honestly...Simply because I've given him no reason to Lie..

Trusting Him is what made me Love Him! not that childish"Fall In Love" boyfriend/girlfriend shit..but to truly LOVE HIM as a Person..

That's the shit that'll Last a Lifetime.. No matter the different paths our lives may take us on... No matter the distance that may grow between us... They'll never be Bitter Thoughts, only Happy Memories!!

And that's the situation I find myself in.... Now do you understand my dilemma?!

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